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Roseanna Bodner, LCSW of Breaking Dawn Counseling is a private practice psychotherapist serving clients all over. She is committed to helping people increase their sense of calm, confidence and emotional well-being. Her focus is treating persons with issues relative to anxiety, depression and mood. She has been practicing counseling in Turnersville for over 17 years giving her the experience necessary to help you!

We are happy to present you counseling and psychotherapy services in Turnersville that cover a variety of problems such as depression, mood, anxiety, trauma, domestic violence, relationship difficulties, premarital issues, domestic violence and other forms of abuse. Christian counseling is also available for those who desire it.

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Breaking Dawn Counseling

The relationships we form with our clients are at the heart of our work. Our individual counseling and couples counseling services are conducted in a non-judgemental, supportive atmosphere here in Turnersville. Therapy Discussions are always confidential.

Both short term and long term therapy is available.

Our mission is to help people improve their emotional well being.

Breaking Dawn Counseling, Roseanna Bodner LCSW, LLC

Breaking Dawn Counseling, Roseanna Bodner LCSW, LLC

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Breaking Dawn Counseling

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Breaking Dawn Counseling, Roseanna Bodner LCSW, LLC

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